Guardians in the Making


Week 1...July 2017

After eight healthy males join their mother, much rest is needed!:







 Weeks 2 & 3...

In the following weeks, our eyes are opened to this incredible world around us, so we must try out these cute little legs and explore! And, we heard some of us already have homes!

Okay, so there is always time for cuddling.


Weeks 4 & 5...

Well, I suppose since we want to be the best protectors we can be, just like our Mom

- It's time to get to work!


 Weeks 6 & 7...

We are becoming quite comfy with the chickens now, pretty soon, it's on to goats - we're pretty good with the camera too ;)


Week 10 & Beyond...

We have joined our new homes... check us out! Great Guardians in the making!

Already guarding chickens, I'm just not sure the chickens know yet!

Every great guardian deserves a throne, right?

Yep, I'm here! Rest assured, I'll be assisting you from here on out!