Poultry Ages & Stages: Herbal Nutrition for the Laying & Breeding

This is the concluding article in our three part series Poultry Ages & Stages where we've addressed the importance of providing your growing flock with balanced nutrition fit for his/her individual needs. Thank you for joining us and Happy Farming! 

Part III:

Herbal Nutrition for the Laying & Breeding:

Now that your flock is enjoying more time among the grasses, weeds, and bugs, this recipe is hand-mixed to offer the perfect complement.

for mature hens

Your laying hens require a feed with an average protein range between 15% to 18% during their laying life. This standard is dependent upon egg color, age, breed, etc. Their calcium requirements also fluctuate with these factors ranging between 3% and 4%. As most flocks consist of many breeds and ages, all laying different colored eggs, we strive to fall in that average. Therefore, always supplement with free-choice calcium and poultry grit, as well as access to plenty of fresh water. 

for mature waterfowl

Your laying ducks and breeding geese now require protein levels at 15%. Their calcium requirements hover right below 3%. Due to the gentle mixing of the ingredients, this feed will allow them to pick over any excess calcium while providing plenty of protein. If your waterfowl have limited access to dirt and gravel, supplement with poultry-sized grit. Always offer plenty of fresh water, as they like to mix their feed with it. 

for mature turkeys

Turkeys after 20 weeks require protein levels ranging between 12% and 14%. Calcium requirements for males are much lower than females; therefore, we recommend if just feeding Tom's, they stay on the grower feed. Breeding or laying hens have calcium requirements similar to waterfowl. This layer feed will allow them to pick over any excess calcium. If your turkeys have limited access to dirt and gravel, please supplement with poultry-sized grit and plenty of fresh, clean water.

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